Our Story

Lingostars was founded by Erin, a proud DB mom, initially to help her own children to learn Mandarin & Korean. As a certified interpreter & translator with US teaching certification, Erin has taught Mandarin & Korean in many countries for the last 20+ years.  Her teaching expertise can not only help people in DB community but also reach people beyond boundaries through zoom lessons taught by her qualified teams.

Our Services

All lessons are available for in-class lessons and zoom lessons.

* After-school Mandarin for Year 1- 13

- Are you frustrated in helping your kids the language that you are not familiar with?

- Have you ever wondered why your kids are not interested in learning Mandarin?

- Do you want to prepare your kids for better future with fluent Mandarin?

* Adult Mandarin classes 

- Do you know how easier to live in Hong Kong if you speak fluent Mandarin?

- Have you ever tried learning Mandarin before but didn't work well for you? So you want to try something unique in a fun and interactive setting?

- Does your work require you to speak fluent level of Mandarin?

* Adult Korean classes

- Are you a fan of K-pop or Korean dramas?

- Are you in love with Korean food and culture?

- Do you want to know more about Korea and its people?

We are here for you to help your Mandarin and Korean learning. Please contact us at info@lingostarshk.com or WhatsApp us "6375-2015" for further information. Feel free to check out our Facebook page "Lingostarsdb" and instagram account "lingo_stars" below. 












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